10 year old me was so pissed that Gabriella would sacrifice true love for a dumb school but 2014 me now accepts that Gabriella was smart like home girl knew she could find dick everywhere YALL SHE GOT INTO FUCKIN STANFORD. FUCKIN. STANFORD. FUK TROY BOLTON’S WHITE ASS 


I wonder how much vodka it would take to fill the hole where my self esteem used to be

I want to die


Had a dream just now that Macklemore was named TIME magazine’s Most Muggable Musician and he showed up at an interview to accept the award and they mugged him

me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]


Girl with a big bobos



i just watched this documentary for my pop culture and media class and it was all about women in advertising and effects of advertising on women and the objectification of women’s bodies it was really interesting 

it’s called Killing Us Softly 4 here’s a link if you wanna watch it


the perfect light for my selfies is no light


*talking to myself as I wobble up the stairs* , you are sober and in control of the situation


i like girls with thigh gaps because its easier to kick them in the vagina





im only 17 and ive already had like 3 mid-life crises

lol me

ok lorde you’ve also been nominated for nearly 3 grammys at the age of 17

Nick Jonas at a Secret Performance in LA by Galore